Fighting for equity in podcasting

Hey Raising Rebels family! We're hard at work preparing Season 3 (coming soon!) but meanwhile, we wanted to share this special live episode recorded before the pandemic. You'll hear a panel …

Introducing THE CHEAT CODE (your new favorite podcast for quarantine escapism)

Hey Raising Rebels fam,

We're thinking of you all. While we work on Season 3, we wanted to share with you a new project from Domino Sound. It's called The Cheat Code and it's a story of an …

“You can’t please everybody. First, you have to please yourself.”

Remember grandma from the first EVER episode of Raising Rebels? (***If you have not yet heard Season 1, Episode 1, GO BACK & LISTEN ASAP! It is required listening before this ep!***) 

We …

The Thrill is Gone :(

Our modern world is experiencing an epidemic of sadness with no certain end in sight. More than 16 million Americans have depression, approximately 2 million of those Americans being …

Introducing The Black Millennial Marriage Podcast!

Our Raising Rebels family would love to introduce you to Randie and Mikey, the hosts of the Black Millennial Marriage Podcast! They are the newest …

Boys don't cry?

Although we fight, gender equality is a distant dream. Our sons have more power in this messed up world than our daughters because the patriarchy is REAL. We must all acknowledge that fact.

Let the games begin!

Competition isn’t always a good thing. How much is “winning” wrapped up in white supremacy? Are you too harsh on your child when they lose or fail? Is your competitive nature clouding your …

The false safety of proximity to whiteness (Pt. 2 w/ Anastacia-Renee)

When you think of a safe neighborhood in your mind’s eye are you envisioning a white neighborhood? Why is that? Are you low-key promoting white supremacy in the quest for freedom?

Whiteness, …

“I rode down the hill anyway. No hands.” (Pt. 1)

So many parenting anxieties are based in the need for safety.


Parents want to keep their children safe. And safety is on the path the freedom. But …

On being American

Do your immigrant parents hate how you raise our children? Yeahhhhhhhh…..ours, too. We’ve got concentration camps, Nazis & a dictator...are you proud to be an American? Join our host, …

“You’re not supposed to curse, Mom!”

How can our focus on language--and how it is spoken--both empower and oppress our children? “We die. That may be the meaning of life. But we do language. That may be the measure of our …

SEASON 2! All is fair in love

What are we unconsciously teaching our children about what it means to be in love? Is love pain? Ownership? Anger? Sadness? What are they picking up from observing our relationships? Even …

Hey, Auntie!

It's the last episode of Season 1! We are SO lucky that adrienne maree brown joined us for this one. In this episode, we talk about the joys of being an auntie, and the importance aunties …

"Playdates are racist"

As black parents, how do we navigate the world of playdates? What happens when the complicated issue of race arises between kids and/or parents? Our guests are Jill and Kovon Flowers.



Are the kids alright?

How should you tackle the nuanced topic of mental health with yourself & your child(ren)? Thanks to Glen Holland II for being this week's guest.

Parenting is a team sport

This week: we talk about co-parenting. How do you maintain healthy relationships with your partner while also sharing the responsibilities of parenting? This week's guests are Homero Radway …


Welcome to Raising Rebels, a new podcast about oppressed parents raising free children. Our host Noleca Radway talks to black millennial parents …

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Raising Rebels is a parenting podcast featuring courageous conversations with real parents. Parenting can be so lonely. Our work is to encourage children to be fully themselves in a society that doesn’t always celebrate them. This season, we tackle everything from sexuality and race, to co-parenting and money, all with the goal of liberating our children.

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